Frequently Asked Questions

What is the game of cornhole?

Traditionally, Cornhole is a game in which a six-inch square cotton canvas bag, filled with corn is thrown at a slightly elevated, wooden platform Players score points by landing the bag onto of the board and by tossing the bag into a hole cut in one end.

What is the object of the game?

The goal is to score points over your opponent and be the person, or team, to score 21+ points to win the game. Three points are awarded each time you get a bag into the hole and one point is earned for every bag that lands on the board itself.

What are the cornhole board specs?

Our boards are made of 19 mm hardwood, 19 mm plywood and 12 mm plywood and are rectangles 1200 mm x 600 mm.  The hole is 150 mm in diameter and centred 300 mm from each side and 225 mm from the top. The platform should between 75 mm and 100 mm tall at the front and 300 mm high in the back. In addition, there is an 8.2 m distance between the board and the players.

What do official cornhole boards look like?

Cornhole boards are traditionally two feet by four foot long. They are elevated 10 degrease with a six-inch hole at the far end six inches from the top of the board.

The finish should be smooth, so the bags slide up the surface. Often people customize the face with logos or different paint jobs.

TP can have your logo placed onto your new board we can even customize your bags.

Are there any age restrictions?

No. Cornhole is an all-age and all-ability game. The official rules for youth (and the elderly or those with disabilities) allow for a shorter tossing distance of 7 m instead.

How many people can play?

Cornhole can be played as singles or doubles. Essentially, it’s a 2 or 4 player game.

Can you play cornhole inside?

Yes, if you have the room.

What are Cornhole bags made with?

As far as cornhole bags go, there are a few different options. A large majority of the cornhole bags use a duck canvas for the exterior of the bag. There are two types of fills often used: either corn-fill or a resin-fill.

Cornhole was originally played with corn-filled bags: that’s where the name comes from. These bags are often made of a duck cotton canvas, known for its durability.

Resin-filled bags are almost identical to the corn-filled bag from the outside. These bags contain small plastic pellets. These pellets do not break down over time like corn might and can get wet so can be washed.

How can I get my own cornhole game set?

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